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                              Donny and Abby series
Fatal Meeting

Meet Donny and Abby. At the point of leaving high school, on the threshold of adulthood they are thrown into a situation that experienced agents would not welcome. The story follows their progress in battling the odds and realising that they can win. With the help of a friend Jonathon Glynn from the secret world of M16, they fight the battle and despite attempts to kill them and injure Donny's parents, they survive, to fight again.   



Lethal Complications

Donny and Abby, plunged once more into danger through no fault of their own. With six months of their gap year to go the couple retiurn to France in the ketch, where they encounter their friend Jonathon Glynn, purely by chance?

     Targeted by a Chinese rogue group for no apparant reason, they survive attempts to kill them when they visit the Carmargue. After several narrow escapes they hook up with the target of the Chinese. After surviving a bloody shoot out, they return battered but unharmed, to enjoy the peace of the campus once more. 







A Thrill a Minute


Donny and Abby are hard at work at University when they are plunged into a new situation, with the discovery of the exploitation oi immigrent people from Eastern Europe. The action started in England progresses to Europe once more. With the help of the established Polish community and Jonathon of course, the pair demonstrate their ingenuity

and once more manage to survive despite the odds against them.





What goes around


In this latest Donny and Abby story Donny is shot and wounded at a concert at the Albert Hall. They realise it was a mistake. He had changed seats, with a scientist working on secret research. There is trouble for Jonathon and the pair on a sailing break are diverted to Ireland to help out. After a second start of their sailing holiday there are incidents that create more trouble for the pair. Eventually they are able to start their long vacation in Florida. A link to the wounding of Donny occurs in Florida, which combined with a smuggling operation in the Keys leads to a massive shootout on the mainland, Survived by the pair. 

It's just one thing after another 

 In this third episode, Donny and Abby are back again to fight new battles while on a paid holiday in the USA. They encounter an agent desperately trying to pass on secret informnation, while being chased by more than one group. The action takes the youngsters across America to the west coast with interference from both sets of agents. Jonathon come in on the action once more and helps with the clearing up of the matter, But there is no doublt that the enterprising pair are pleased to get back to University, for a while at least.      


Without Prejudice.

Donny and Abby are involved again this time with the help of new friends Lotte Campion and Tom Hardy. Attacks on Lotte's Grandparents, Commander Pleasance, and Mary his wife, are thwarted by the four friends.Then the discovery of an assassination plot to disrupt the EU.  A shoot-out on the London river, what else. Just another day for the intrepid couple.


A collection of short stories, ranging from light hearted romance to serious intrigue with a dash of revenge to keep the reader interested.

Available in e.format only  


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