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The Writer

Artist and Photographer David O'Neil started writing seriously with a series of Highland guide books. His boyhood ambitions were to fly an aeroplane, and sail a boat. As a boy he and his family were bombed out of their home in London. He learned to fly with the RAF during his National Service. He started sailing boats while serving in the Colonial Police, in Nyasaland (Malawi). He spent 8 years there, before returning to UK. Since that time he lived in southern England where he became a management consultant for over twenty years. He returned to live in Scotland in 1980, and became a tour guide in1986.

     Having started writing in 2006. The first guide book was published in 2007. A further two have been published since.

    Since his first novel 'Exciting Isn't it'  was published in 2007, a further twenty-five novels have been published plus a collection of short stories, 'Choices' which was published in e form only. 



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