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The Mercy Run


When shots are heard across the dusty bush country in Northern Kenya, there is usually sombody getting hurt. Tom Merrick is a former member of the Southern Rhodesian forces and he knows how to go about things in the bush. He rescues two women and their convoy from bandits.

He decides to join them and their story ranges over the problems and mayhem that the Mercy convoys encounter between Nairobi and Ethiopia. Bandits, corrupt officials and warlords aside, they somehow get the convoys through. But at a cost? 

Minding the store:


Freemantle’s was 'THE' store in New York, and probably in the USA. Like Harrods in London it occupied a privileged position in the minds of the public. When David Freemantle returned from his service as a SEAL, he was expected to take over the operation of the business, up to then, run by his grandmother. But there was trouble all around as the mob decided to invest in department stores as a money laundering ploy. The resulting confrontation resulted in mob mayhem when David and Sam, his friend and ex-SF colleague, have to fall back on their lethal training to survive and maintain the integrity of Freemantle’s.

Sailing Orders

This is a robust sea story of wooden ships, and rough seas, the story of a young man, who is thrown out of his home when his father dies. Martin Forest, at thirteen, is left to fend for himself. He stumbles on a group of highwaymen planning to rob a coach, and helps foil the plot.

Adopted by the family he joins the navy as a midshipman and through action, romance and adventure, we follow Martin as he battles his way to command and fame. An action filled tale of life and death from the writer of Distant Gunfire 

The Hunted


Quin Gilmore is wealthy and angry. His sister died through marrying the wrong man, a mobster . His parents suffer a similar fate because they  demanded an investigation into her death. When Quin returns from army service, he is faced with the situation and typically takes up the matter. He rescues Cass Richards from imminent assault and murder, and using an abandoned cold-war bunker as a base, and together they take the war to the mob boss.

2013 by David O'Neil ( Facebook, Linkedin.


Abandonedat the age of thirteen, adopted by CaptainBowers RN, Martin entered the Navy as a Midshipman Now a decorated Captain, he returnsfrom the sea to find his wife Jennifer at deaths door.Largely due to hisreturn, she recovers and Martin finds himself once again engaged in covert activities with"Plain Mr Smith". At sea once more he is involved with preventing treasure ships falling into French hands, but alsowith theevents onthe east coast od America in the run-up to the war of 1812

In Dangerous Waters

For Peter Woods, pre-war racing yachtsman, life in the Coastal Forces becomes a life and death struggle.  The Dangerous Waters are the English Channel, The Mediterranean, and the Aegean Seas, battling convoys, enemy warships and outwitting occupation forces, using sabotage , secret agents and deceptioon; and when that fails brute force. With hard -learned skills, he and his men and women fight to save people and survive against overhwelming odds

     Romance believed lost, manifests itself despite the catastrophes of war. Peter , his love and his crew are part of the covert forces that keep the Axis guessing, from the Greek Islands to the coasts of France


For Captain Sir Martin Forest-Bowers RN there was no rest while his ountry was being threatened by France, and now America. However countries may disagree, Martin's sense of justice prevails. With an excursion to Carolina, where despite national differences friends ally against a common enemy. The war over beached with many others a private venture takes Martin around the world, to a time and place that seems to be the acceptance of responsibilities ashore. 

Available on E book and paperback from Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble et al 

Publisher for novels A-Argus books   N.Carolina USA


Guide Books p.3


Hell is another place


The Deployment of the Air National Guard unit from the shores of Lake Michigan to some place in Turkey for three months was an exciting event and for Lt.Col. Mike Summers, the extra event of his promotion to Brigadier was unexpected and swiftly became meaningful. The duties entailed in his unit's deployment become clear when they arrive at their base in Turkey. This techno-thriller should keep readers on the edge of their seats, from the beginning to the final full stop.


Hell is Another Place

Better the Day

The story of a National Guard unit sent on detachment to a NATO Base in Turkey. The Black assignment they have been given was arranged by a rogue CIA agent in cahoots with a Rogue Russian agent But things do not always work out as planned

 Given the opportunity to command an MGB in your early twenties is a young man's dream, but life in that region of the channel is more hazardous than anticipated. From the English Channel to the Mediterranean kept the the boats occupied and winning and losing, became a personal matter. The war from an MGB . 

 The sound of distant gunfire dragged Robert Graham into a series of incidents. Ever since he had achieved his first command in the English Channel, fate had decreed that he would be placing himself in harms way.  Taking command for the first time of a ship of force after the death of his captain, set him set him on course for high command.

Distant Gunfire

David MacLean's lfe has changed with the departure of his wife with her boyfriend.

The story of the MacLean family with the trials and tribulations involved in wine growing, through the eyes of three generations of the family In the beautiful countryside of Provence.  

A Place in the Sun
A chance meeting that brings Marc Brownand Clemence Ravel together starts a chain of events that keep the pair involved for far longer than either had planned. Their friendship revolves around a wine estate and the seasons that dictates life in Luberon
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The Caribbean during the late 19th Century  with the Royal; Navy involved in European war with Spanish and French fleets it was the time of the Privateers, who in many cases were no better than pirates. This is the story of two Privateers and their ships 
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The story of Jonathon Hope, and his life from slave to command of La Gloire a captured French Corvette(Glory) Leading a crew composed of freed slaves his career takes gim from Baltic to Mediterranean and the American continent. with gunfire and hardship, a story of 1750 to 1820, and the navy of the time
When Harry Cross is shot while asking a stranger for directions he is upset to put it mildly. His reaction is to investigate. Resulting in conflict with entrenched FBI and CIA, and a plot to remove world leaders by ISS, and Establishment figures.


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